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Founded in 2005 by Tina Yow when luxury handbags were an in-thing worldwide. Attic House is a luxury platform to reliably buy and sell high-end designer goods. Launched with just a few gently-used designer handbags and now we are a platform carrying over more than 50 designer brands offering exclusive clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, from classics to seasonals.

Being one of the pioneer trader of authentic luxury goods in Malaysia, our aim is to feature more than 50 designer brands from all over the world and to provide our customers with the best service ever.

We strive to widen the customer base for exclusive luxury brands and to educate customers on how they can save a ton besides providing customers a trusted source for gently-used and new luxury goods.

Our first outlet is located in Plaza Damas which has been operating for 14 years now. We then expanded to Kuantan, a boutique located in Kuantan City Mall which opened in 2017. The company creates a warm and welcoming vibe to our existing and new customers as we practice kindness and equitability.

Fret not, we have a team of well-trained experts who have underwent numerous training occasionally to authenticate these goods. The founder herself, Tina Yow is a certified and a reputable authenticator who received her certificates from Japan therefore the luxury goods sold are guaranteed 100% authentic.

With Love, from our very own ‘Attic’ to your closet.

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